This is not your typical e-course. This is a practice.

This is about using the ancient teaching and practice of yoga as a means of creative reflection.

This is about mindfulness.

This is about meditation.

This is about stillness.

This is about ease.

This is about the uncovering the quiet within.

This is about the peaceful art of thoughtful attention.

This is about setting an intention...trusting the process....and observing the energy that follows. It's about re-patterning the deeply ingrained patterns of our thinking minds. It's about shifting and re-shaping.

This is a practice of self-observation.

This is about asking better questions.

This is about showing up for yourself - regularly and routinely. It's about feeling the fear and leaning into it. It's about finding comfort in discomfort...and the extraordinary in the everyday ordinary.

This is about grounding and centering and quieting - both the body and the mind.

There is no destination. There is no end goal. There are no rules or roads that need be followed. The prize - here - is in the process. It's in the opportunity to begin - time after time and over and over again. It's about learning to live without answers...and not needing to know where this story might end.

You'll be joining a community...a tribe...a sangha - a group of like-minded practitioners. Together - we'll share in each others' creative process and journey.

We'll begin with our roots. We'll breathe. We'll reach and stretch. We'll challenge and test our balance. We'll open our hearts. We'll expand. We'll grow.

In  this classroom - I lead from the seat of an experienced and gracious life-student. The teachings of yoga are the primary guide.

The subject of study is YOU.


Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday - you'll receive an email from me    wherein I'll be sharing my personal 'Practice as Creative Muse'. 

On Mondays - I'll begin with a set intention and a yoga-based theme as the template for the week's study. On Wednesdays - I'll include a visual assignment (photographic or any other medium of your choice) and journaling exercise designed to encourage and support your self-study and journey inwards. On Fridays - I'll close the week's practice with additional thoughts...mindfulness meditations...cues and prompts to create increased confidence in the process.

Together - we'll join hands and hearts...connecting and sharing in our personal discoveries and journeys in small group communities on a private facebook page.


Because true and lasting transformation and growth happens slowly and only with regular and consistent practice  - this process requires an ongoing commitment. This is not a 10-day or 6-week or 3-month quick-fix course of study. This is a practice...and - as such - it evolves and changes along with you. There is no set beginning or middle or end. With the dawn of each new day we are given the gift and opportunity to begin again.

Any and all are welcome to join in at any time.
 The opportunity to practice is always right here waiting for you.
 NOW is the time.

It is NOW that the practice begins.
Atha yoganusasanam - yoga sutra 1.1

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 As an avid and practiced yogini, a certified teacher, a photographer and writer - I'm here to guide. I lead you on a journey inwards -  of the self...thru the the self thru the discipline and teachings of yoga.

I've been there - right where you are. I've felt the fear. I've battled the resistance. I've questioned my questions. For over a decade I've been practicing daily - both the practices of yoga asana...and those of creativity.

I've learned that practice - in itself - is not easy. It takes passion..commitment...a willingness to show-up consistently. It's hard to begin. It's to resist the resistance and doubt the self-doubt. It's hard to get trust and believe.

And - I've also learned that it's always worthwhile. The prize is in the connecting to your inner self...your creative voice...your heart.

The practice is really a very simple one.
The only necessary ingredient is YOU.

I truly believe that we are all innately creative. Creativity in itself is not something that can be defined or measured by product - by a published novel...a finished piece of art...a perfectly choreographed dance...a musical performance. Creativity is a  life-journey and process. It's a way of choosing...a way of seeing...a way of being in this world. It shows itself in how we decide to meet and greet each new we decide to show see and be seen. It takes courage. It takes discipline. It takes practice.

You CAN do this.
 You CAN meet your own creative challenge...and you need not meet it alone.
 Beginning each and every new day with a beginner's  are invited to join in and begin at any time.

Imagine - for a moment with me here - being in a place and space where no 'thing' is missing...where every 'thing' is just as it is.
Imagine - in that same moment -
Visualize - in this moment - letting go of the past...not yet engaging with the future...and being right here.  NOW.
Inhale...and then slowly exhale it all out.
Everything you have within.
In this NOW - let's begin. To breathe. To connect. To feel. To look and to see.
Let's begin to create from the heart's center.


1. Monthly: $9 (US)

2. Three-months: $25 (US)




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