April Calendar 2015

April 2015

"Yoga does not change the way we see things. It transforms the person that sees."

Sharing with you this year's yoga calendar in hopes that the teachings might inform and inspire.


Within Me

There are days when I arrive with nothing but a question mark. I don't know. I don't have thoughts. I don't have words. I don't have images that might speak to all that needs to be said.

This melt into spring is happening too slowly. 

I overheard the farmer talking about his newborn kids....and the nannie goats that are expectant and waiting. His heifers - he said - will soon birth their first calves. The fields are going to need sowing.

The air is pregnant with anticipation. I can taste it.

I imagined some one watching....some one listening and hearing and seeing. And - as I turned - there she was - hiding behind a great tree…meeting my startled gaze with a calm and steady one of her own.

She comes and she goes. She's in and she's out. She's here and she's there and she's everywhere. 

Even with the endless question marks....and the I-don't-knows. Even as the seasons change. 

Always present - within me.


Best Medicine

For so many cold months they're locked up in their winter barn. And - just like that -  on one unexpected day at the end of a long unseasonably cold month....the doors open. 

Just like this.

Imagine what it it must be like to smell the spring air...to feel the warm sun...to hear the loud cockle-doodley-doo of freedom. Imagine what it must be like for them to emerge...to breathe...to stretch their legs and walk again.

Some days - I laugh. It's the best medicine.