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She was seeking or searching or looking for something.

I watched as she turned her head back...and then forwards. And then up...and then down. I watched her outstretch her wings as if she was reaching.

And then - after all that movement and motion - she simply curled in on herself. Releasing. Allowing her head to fall below her heart.

She stopped. She stared. She got quiet. She listened.

All she'd been seeking - she found right there.


* * *

I'll be away from my computer for the next few days. I'll look forward - as always - to returning and beginning again.
See you'all next week


A Net Will Appear

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Wouldn't it be nice to flit...to float...to fall - and be assured of such a soft and gentle landing?

I wondered if this is the last of the season's webs? I wondered if this is the last of this season's color-filled leaves?

I wondered if - I too - could trust and believe just enough to take that one big step and giant leap knowing that that a net will appear to catch me?

Wouldn't it be nice?


The Head Follows

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I begin - with palms pressed...with hands at heart's center.

It's a simple gesture of intention. To get quiet. To breathe. To feel the energies - right and left - joined together. To allow for a moment's pause of reflection and connection to my own body...my mind...my self.

I listen.

I re-turn here and re-visit and re-peat the same teachings day after day. Each and every time I show up -  it's different. I arrive with a body that isn't the one I had yesterday...a mind that is thinking different thoughts...a heart that is sometimes joyous and sometimes not.

The landscape and how I see it - is everchanging. No two days are ever exactly the same.

It's a practice - this thing that I do. It's never perfect. Some days I'm better connected. Other days - I'm not.
Never and nonetheless - I show up.

I change. It changes with me. What I wanted and needed 10 years ago - is not what I want and need today.

As I look at my world that surrounds - I notice that what once was new...is no longer.
And yet - what once must have gone completely un-noticed - is all new. Today.

Thru time and this practice - I've learned to trust in my heart's voice and its vision. I've learned to connect to its hopes and dreams and wildest wishes. I've felt the ache of it breaking...and learned to embrace its healing scars. It's taught me of the perils of holding on. It's allowed me the time and necessary space - to release and let go.

It's taught me how to surrender. It's taught me how to love.

My heart guides. It leads and lights my way. My body and mind follow. My heart will never lead me astray.

I close - as I begin - with palms pressed and hands at heart's center. I touch my hands to my lips - as a reminder to speak my heart's truth. I touch them to my forehead...resting them at my intuitive third eye center. I bow my head to the wisdom that is my heart.

Every day - it's the same....and it's always different.

I begin with my hands at my heart. My heart leads. My head follows. Every day I close with Namaste'.