There Tells a Story

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Somewhere within here - there tells a story.

Of ghosts and goblins and halloween witches. Of tricks and treats and sweet candy wishes. Of costumes waiting to be imagined.

Of children  - excitedly looking forward. Of mothers - wearily wondering how they're going to get it all done. Of fathers returning home...leaving workboots before returning to family.

Somewhere within here - there tells a story. Of an ordinary life. Of an ordinary day.

And yet....

There's something within it that - to me -  is so sweetly extraodinary.


In and Among the Giants

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Imagine  - being infintessimally small in and among the giants. Imagine  - being the captain of your very own universe. Imagine - being alone with simply you and your reflection.

Imagine seeing and not having to being seen.

Imagine experiencing your world - alert and alive and aware - and with all five senses.

Imagine - the strength.

Imagine - the fortitude...the determination...the persistence and consistence.

For just one moment - imagine - the peace. Imagine - the solitude. Imagine - the quiet.


All Good

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In this season of color-filled eye candy - it came a a huge relief to allow my eyes to rest. The scene - as it began to unfold - was a quiet shade of monochrome. 

Nothing to do but breathe.

Nothing to do but listen.

And somewhere there in that space of soft peace and gentle light - I could hear my breath speaking.

It's all okay. It's all unfolding just as it should. It's all good.