All Things Change

I was dreaming.

Of sweet little birds and butterflies. Of flowers blossoming and blooming. Of endless fields and pastures all dotted in yellow.

I was imagining. Different. Same. That. And this.

What happens when the color fades? What will I remember of its remains?

I listened to the trees and their leaves. I watched the light and its shadow. I felt the warmth of the earth. The clouds drifted. Out and in and in and out. Shielding the sun from view.

If I had just one wish...what would it be?

And - just like that - I was reminded again of one of life's most important lessons. A precious gift.

We let go to grow.
All things do change.


On This Very Day

On this very day - one year ago - a girl and a boy joined hands and hearts and said:
'I do...I will...I promise to share this life's journey and travel its winding path - together'.
It was a most special and celebratory day...a one that will remains with us today and forever.

On this very day - today - it was just as it was one year ago.
We woke to morning sun. We woke to mountain air. We woke to color and light and beauty. And yet - on this very day - the view is different.

Since that very day - one year ago - I've learned once and again how quickly things can change. In a flash. In an instant.
In one single breath. We're here...and then - we're not.

On this very day - today - I take nothing for granted. Each morning is a gift. Each day is a new opportunity. Each moment is a choice. To do or not to do. To hold on or let go. To embrace. To celebrate. To live this life.

I want to remember that joy.
On this very day - I'm choosing to hold on to that. I won't let that go. Not now. Not ever.

My girl and her boy joined hands and hearts on this very day - one year ago - and said: 'I do'.
Happiest of happy anniversaries to both of you.


Season's Splendor

Some - call them weeds. I believe - they are flowers. Right now - they are blanketing the fields with their color. Yellow - is everywhere.

I could share with you that....but - this - is what most intrigues

Just these few - basking in their season's splendor before they fade...and sow their seed.