Imagined Sunflowers

When I closed my eyes - I imagined bright and colorful sunflowers.

When I opened my eyes - there was this.


The Length of Days

I hear they measure their return around the length of the days. I'm sure - based on the length of the days they were measuring - this was not quite what they expected.

I watched - with great awe and respect - as they made their way thru the snow. It couldn't have been easy. They appeared to me - taller - than I'd remembered. But then - on this day - they were walking in deep drifts...raising them higher.

It's March. It is winter...and it will be spring.

I thought about where I was one year ago....and where I am today.

I remember planning for celebration. I remember looking forward to joyous occasion. I remember feeling this season's endlessness...and trusting in the knowing that all things do change. I remember a different sensation in this same season.

And the birds - reappear. Every year - without fail. They arrive with their mates. They seek out a just right space in which to settle. They build their nests and protect them. They return...and renew...and restore nature's delicate balance and cycle.

For them - it's so simple. They don't  question. They don't doubt. Their only measure is the length of the day. And today - they must have determined - was the just right length for returning and beginning anew.

Maybe...it's mine too.


March Calendar 2015

March 2015

"The study of asana is not about mastering posture. It's about using posture to understand and transform ourselves."

Sharing with you this year's yoga calendar in hopes that the teachings might inform and inspire.