I Imagined

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I imagined how it would be to lay myself down on a bed of soft lavender.

How it might smell - so sweet.
How it might feel - so warm.
How it might sound - so quiet.

The butterflies and bees would be busy.....too pre-occupied with their task-at-hand to bother with me.
The skies above me would be dotted with puffy white marshmallow clouds. Drifting slowly. Peacefully.
The ground would be solid. Holding me.

I imagined that in that bed of soft lavender - I'd find comfort...I'd find joy...I'd find happy.


To Life Journeys

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It's the comings and the goings...the arrivals and departures...the transitions and in-betweens that are the hardest. It's the indecision. It's the not-knowing. It's the looking back and letting go. And it's the needing to hold on to the vision of what the future might bring.

Up there she stood in the autum mist. One last look...and a final good-bye before stepping over to the other side. Into a new place...a new time...a new and different season.

She is. I am. We are.

All on our own paths and personal journeys. To somewhere.

And yet - today - we're only here. In this this this season.

Her courage inspired me. She smiled. I nodded my head and waved. Her tail swished and swung from side-to-side acknowledging that I'd been seen. She heard me.

Somehow we knew and understood that in spite of our differences...we are so much the same.

With hands at my heart - I bowed deeply. To our life our bright all that we know and all that we don't...and to the spirits that live in both of of us.

Safe travels - I thought - as I said my good-bye. I watched as she quietly walked away.

She turned her head...taking one last glance back. As if to say and remind me.

I was. I will be. I am.


Questions Without Answers

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I was thinking...wondering...wandering...imagining answers to un-answerable questions. My mind was racing. My body was doing its best to keep up.

The early morning fog and mist were slowly making way for the day's light. The colors - I couldn't help but stop and look and see - are so quickly fading.

Notice - I thought to myself. Will whatever it is that my mind is going round and round about make any difference to anything? To this moment? To this here and now and today?

As these curious sweet faces emerged out of nowhere - I was reminded. Of the questions that have no answers. That this over-thinking and wondering won't change a single thing. And - mostly - that I'm grateful to have been here now to have witnessed this extraordinarily and unexpectedly ordinary moment.

For them - it's all so simple.
Maybe - it can be simple for me?