Nature's Artistry




A most precious balance of softness and strength.

Nature's finest artistry.

White on white.



Of all of winter's many surprises - none surprise me more than this.



At the end of the day - the light is fading...the snow is falling.

Silent. Still.

The wind is blowing. The world is white.

For me - it's what it is. It's what it's always been. It's what - I hope - it will be forever.

I love this season. I love the warm comfort of the cold....and the cold hard bite of its warmth. I love the quiet...the peace...the endless shades of empty.

I love that in one single word - I know exactly.

This is what it looks like....sounds like...tastes like...smells like...feels like. It's in my soul. This is it.

It lives and breathes and resides deep within me.




In the just right moment on the just right day - the ground and sky come together and meet as one.

I love these kinds of days...these exact moments. I love that there's no beginning...and no end. I love that I can't distinguish between
right-side-up and us-side-down. I love - most of all -  when there's no way of knowing.

It wasn't always like this. I wasn't always who I am.


Once - I needed a clear road to follow...a outline...a plan. I needed a list. I needed to know how each and every minute of each and every day would be accounted. I needed lines on which to write myself in.

In just the right moment on just the right day - I find myself without any need to add or to say. There's grace. There's everything...and there's nothing at all.


I breathe in the empty. I exhale the full.

I breathe as if I've never breathed - just this on just this kind of day. The ground and sky have met somewhere in the middle of nowhere. And I'm right here to see.

I breathe with gratitude.

Today - I breathe. Today - I am.