Softness of Age

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A muted palette.

Fading pinks. Weathered greys and old blues. Rusting tin on an aging roof.

It reminded me of life. Of mellowing. Of time passing. Of the subtle beauty that is found in a most unexpected way. 

They weren't the colors I sought out to find...or what I hoped...and certainly not what I expected. But on this grey day - I was grateful for this...and the lessons it taught me.

An old barn - still standing. The softness of age. Of presence and perseverance. Of strength. Of elegance. Of grace.

I'd choose this any day over the fiery reds and oranges and golds of youth.

Wouldn't you?


October Calendar 2014

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October Fine Art Calendar

We are definitely into this season of autumn - where every leaf is a color-filled flower.


In Whispers

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There are days when even the sound of my own voice sounds too loud.

I walk on the tippiest of toes. I speak only in whispers. My wish is to neither to be seen...nor heard... nor found.

I listen.