Seeing All

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I smell the wet air...the sweetness of the leaves.

I hear the pitter patter of water falling...the wind blowing thru the trees.

The geese are gathering and shouting loudly. I imagine that they're trying to decide whether to fly south for the upcoming winter...or to remain. They don't seem to mind the rain.

The heron patrols his ground. He's still hungry. He's still fishing for his day's repast.

I want to believe - this damp dreary day has no good thing to offer. No good thing to share.

And then - I see this. A single line. Simply adorned in precious jewels.

If on this day I'm seeing only this...I'm happy.

I'm seeing it all.


There Tells a Story

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Somewhere within here - there tells a story.

Of ghosts and goblins and halloween witches. Of tricks and treats and sweet candy wishes. Of costumes waiting to be imagined.

Of children  - excitedly looking forward. Of mothers - wearily wondering how they're going to get it all done. Of fathers returning home...leaving workboots before returning to family.

Somewhere within here - there tells a story. Of an ordinary life. Of an ordinary day.

And yet....

There's something within it that - to me -  is so sweetly extraodinary.


In and Among the Giants

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Imagine  - being infintessimally small in and among the giants. Imagine  - being the captain of your very own universe. Imagine - being alone with simply you and your reflection.

Imagine seeing and not having to being seen.

Imagine experiencing your world - alert and alive and aware - and with all five senses.

Imagine - the strength.

Imagine - the fortitude...the determination...the persistence and consistence.

For just one moment - imagine - the peace. Imagine - the solitude. Imagine - the quiet.