October Calendar 2014

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October Fine Art Calendar

We are definitely into this season of autumn - where every leaf is a color-filled flower.


In Whispers

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There are days when even the sound of my own voice sounds too loud.

I walk on the tippiest of toes. I speak only in whispers. My wish is to neither to be seen...nor heard... nor found.

I listen.


Time Rests

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In and among this season of brilliant color - I'm still seeking out a quieter gentleness. A longer day. A slower pace. A solid ground to carry me.

I wonder if they know how lucky they are to greet each morning's sun. I wonder if they know that their season will soon be ending....that the grass that sustains them will be buried in frost and cold snow.  I wonder what secrets they might share if we'd stop to listen. I wonder if they know more than we give them credit for. I wonder what lesssons they might teach us.

It's such a gift - this one of presence. Do any of us know how truly precious it is? I wonder about that too.

In that first slow deep breath....my heart slows. Time rests. There's new found space in my mind - a cleansing and a clearing.

In that moment -  I'm thankful for the cows...for the light....for the day. For this one precious gift of life that we're all given.